Thursday, March 22, 2012

Save on Gas!

With skyrocketing gas prices, we could all use a little break, right?  Well, for 60 days, you can save 15 cents/gallon on all your gas purchases at Exxon/Mobil (up to 100 gallons)!  I did this last year and actually did see the cash back.

Here's how it works:
First, go to Speedpass and sign up.  It's free.
Second, link the card you usually use for gas to your Speedpass account (you'll still get any points or cash back from your card while you use the Speedpass, too!)
Third, They'll send you a little key chain fob like the one in the picture above to use for your discount
Fourth, once you have your Speedpass, go here to register for the discount.  You'll be eligible for the discount for 60 days or 100 gallons!

You can register on the second site anytime between now and May 31st, and it will be good for 60 days.  I'd go ahead and register now, though, as there's a good chance Walmart will bring back their 10 cent discount (with gift card) during the summer.