Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meet The Naturally Frugal Girl!

Mr. & Mrs. G

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by :)

I'm Britney G, The Naturally Frugal Girl.  I'm a Christ-follower, a native Texan, and a newlywed.  I love cooking, reading, movies, family, and finding creative ways to do more without breaking the bank.  Mr. G and I married in December 2014, about seven months after I purchased a house.  

When we married, we had almost $30k in debt (not including the house), and almost no savings.  We committed to one another and God to stop using debt and pay off what we already have.  In the first six months of marriage, we saw that commitment tested in numerous ways... in six months, we've had about four thousand in medical bills (including an ER visit and a surgery for Mr. G, which meant two weeks without work/pay), a double flat tire (so we had to replace all four), and several other unexpected expenses.  Through that, we've still managed to pay down over five thousand dollars worth of principal on debt, and save a $1,000 "baby" emergency fund.  We've worked... hard... and sacrificed to get here, but we've also seen God do amazing things.  He's provided in a number of ways, from direction toward better financial choices to unexpected money showing up out of the blue on Tuesday that covers the amount above what we had saved to pay for a surgery on Friday!  While I've always loved a good deal, learning to be thrifty and frugal has become a necessity.

In addition to the financial curve balls, we've both had several health issues crop up and resurface.  A few years ago, I started gaining interest in more natural or "alternative" methods of healthcare and treatments.  I've had a number of negative experiences with doctors and western medicine that have made me a bit cynical.  This year, I've had several chances to be grateful for both types- surgery for Mr. G and some necessary prescription medicine for myself (with a doctor now who avoids prescriptions as much as possible), and nutrition, chiropractic care, essential oils, herbal remedies, and a whole host of other options.  I'm seeing the result of poor choices we've made in the past and the toxic burdens they've placed on our bodies.  We both are taking big steps to become healthier overall, and especially trying to make some big changes before babies are conceived, so that they would have the best, healthiest start we can offer them, and that we are in the best, healthiest shape to parent!

I can't wait to share this journey... I've talked to lots of people in the past few months who are facing similar challenges, and I love being able to share what I've learned!  I hope you find this site helpful, and would love to hear from you!